Resource of the Week – ResourceShelf

ResourceShelf has an intriguing catchphrase, “We find the sources; you get the credit”.  The criteria for selection of sources seems to be:  high-quality, free, and of interest to information professionals.  In this day and age, there may be a lot of resources that meet this criteria, but who has the time to search, let alone for the latest stuff?  ResourceShelf!

Each item is ‘hand-selected’ by researchers and librarians, and made available in various ways to meet your information intake preference:  the blog is constantly updated and provides RSS and Twitter feeds; a weekly newsletter provides a sampling of resources; and the Archive provides access to over 25,000 resources back to 2001!  That’s a lot of information.

It is a lot of information.  Be aware that they generally share between 300 – 500 resources per month.  Not every item will be of interest to you, but you may know someone for which it is, and it’s easy and free to share.  And, as they say, you get the credit.

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