Resource of the Week – Reference Shelf

The Federal government provides historical and cutting edge information on just about everything and make an effort to make that information available to everyone.  The portal has created a Reference and General Government resource page that allows you to delve into specific topics and set up accounts and feeds to be kept aware of information as it becomes available.  No matter what your role in academic libraries, I’m sure you will find something personally and professionally useful at Reference Shelf:

Find U.S. government common abbreviations, calendars, contact information, forms, gadgets, photos, maps, news and more.

  • Government Photos and Images 
    A large collection of photos and images made available by the U.S. government
  • Historical Documents 
    Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence…
  • Laws and Regulations 
    Business laws, code of federal regulations, database search of laws and regulations…
  • Libraries 
    Local, federal, and national libraries; online library databases; grants and benefits for libraries…
  • Maps 
    Local, national, world, and specialized maps from multiple government agencies…
  • News 
    Federal press releases, news, foreign news service, government e-mail newsletters…
  • Publications from the U.S. Government 
    Consumer publications, educational resources, federal agency publications, Government Printing Office…
  • State Photo and Multimedia Galleries 
    Find photos from the U.S. states.


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