7Questions? – Julie Hines

This week’s 7Questions? comes from Julie Hines, Regional Campus Librarian at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Phoenix:

1. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Caregiver, organizer, tenacious

2. What is your favorite place in AZ?

One of my favorite places is Texas Canyon.

3. What do you value about working in a college or university library?

The different aspects of the job, with ability to move (came from children’s area, where you can only go so far).

4. What is the best thing about AzLA?

Timeliness, especially of conference topics.  Also, the people.

5. What was your first library job?

Very first was as a student assistant during high school; professionally, children’s/young adult librarian in Sierra Vista (1984-87).

6. What are you currently reading?

Near to the Heart of God, biography of Cleland B. McAfee (a distant relative).

7. Any parting words of wisdom for your AZ CULD colleagues?

For those of us at the smaller libraries, where we may be the only one doing majority of work, be involved with AzLA.  Maintain your membership, go to conferences, be on ListServs–this minimum level will still help with networking and give you assistance with your job.

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