The One-Shot Session: ONE chance to get it right!

I saw an excellent post over at Designer Librarian on employing what she calls the Rule of One to make the most of a one-shot information literacy session.The author, Amanda Hovious, is a librarian with a background in instructional design. She blogs about applying instructional design principles to library instruction.

Amanda recommends planning your one-shot session carefully to make sure your learners get the most they can from it. She offers guidelines on offering an efficient session using the Rule of One:

  • One Learning Goal
  • One Objective Per Task
  • One Strategy Per Objective
  • One Culminating Activity

There is a  LOT of value in having a fully formed Learning Goal for each session. A goal is simple, yet hard to come up with: what do you want students to be able to do at the end of the one-shot session? One sentence is all you get. The Learning Objectives are the stepping stones to getting your students there.

See more about each bullet point over on Amanda’s blog.

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