Dressing up, library style!

How dapper are you and your colleagues?

Does your wardrobe cause you to pose spontaneously in the stacks?

Do you want to step up your wardrobe? They say 90% of success is just dressing the part.* Here are some resources to help you on your sartorial journey:

Librarian Wardrobe: “Not always buns & sensible shoes!” This website showcases real-life fashionable library-types, male and female!

Extra Petite: This woman is SO fashionable. She’s also very petite! On this site, she shares her secrets on “fashion that fits!”

For a more business-like vibe, check out Corporette. She offers tons of advice to businesswomen on what to wear, and where to find it.

In a perfect world, what you wear shouldn’t matter. In the real world, dressing well can help you advance your career. Here’s a thoughtful post on the subject at Letters to a Young Librarian.

The Hiring Librarians blog has an interview with a hiring manager on what prospective librarians should wear to an interivew.

AND here’s an entire blog devoted to what to wear to library job interviews: Librarian Hire Fashion.

*Made-up statistic.

What about you? What’s your workplace fashion philosophy?

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