Hacking the University

Retention, Retention, Retention …There is not an academic institutions out there that is not focused on retention at every possible level, including the academic library. In his December blog post, David discuses ways Librarians can provide very personal services to help improve retention. Lankes’ mentions that unlike departmental retention programs the University Library can reach students across the entire university.  He introduces a great idea or class he calls on “Hacking the University.”  This class would have “Students work in small teams or one-on-one with librarians to understand ALL the information systems they are likely to encounter.” The librarian works at the individual and personal level assisting with all information needs.  Lankes’ continue to suggest this personal interaction could forge a relationship with the librarian and ingrain the librarian as a dependable support system for the student. Once this relationship has been built, librarians become dependable resources for students throughout matriculation.

Read more at http://quartz.syr.edu/blog/?p=6514

Better yet read David Lankes larger blog, Reinventing the Academic Library: Conclusion here: http://quartz.syr.edu/blog/?p=6530

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