Hacking the University

Retention, Retention, Retention …There is not an academic institutions out there that is not focused on retention at every possible level, including the academic library. In his December blog post, David discuses ways Librarians can provide very personal services to help improve retention. Lankes’ mentions that unlike departmental retention programs the University Library can reach students across the entire university.  He introduces a great idea or class he calls on “Hacking the University.”  This class would have “Students work in small teams or one-on-one with librarians to understand ALL the information systems they are likely to encounter.” The librarian works at the individual and personal level assisting with all information needs.  Lankes’ continue to suggest this personal interaction could forge a relationship with the librarian and ingrain the librarian as a dependable support system for the student. Once this relationship has been built, librarians become dependable resources for students throughout matriculation.

Read more at http://quartz.syr.edu/blog/?p=6514

Better yet read David Lankes larger blog, Reinventing the Academic Library: Conclusion here: http://quartz.syr.edu/blog/?p=6530

One week left to submit roundtables, posters, blitz proposals

There’s only one week left to submit roundtable, poster, and blitz session proposals for the joint AzLA/MPLA 2014 conference!

You can go big with a full program or workshop, dip your toes in with a poster, or present in a 15-minute blitz session.

Need guidance? No problem! Here’s a great guide to creating winning conference proposals for library professionals.

Hesitant because you’re a library school student? Here’s a blog post on the whys and hows of submitting a conference proposal!

If you need some topic ideas, take a look at last year’s presentations!

Deadlines for AzLA/MPLA 2014 conference:

  • Preconferences, Programs, and Workshops: April 28, 2014.
  • Posters, Roundtables and Blitz Sessions: May 26, 2014.

Submit your proposal now on the AzLA website!

Books? Or no books? Envisioning the Academic Library of the Future

Two librarians debated the future of the academic library over on Huffington Post recently. Their consensus: physical books aren’t going away anytime soon! Furthermore, “students want spaces that inspire learning and offer opportunities for the three C’s: collaboration, creation and contemplation.” See the whole post here.

The ALA also released the 2014 State of America’s Libraries report in honor of National Library Week (April 13-19). Spoiler: academic libraries are dedicating more money to electronic resources than ever, and “staffing at academic libraries declined 9% in 2010–2012,” though salaries for new academic librarians increased 5% in the same time period. Jump straight to the section on academic libraries here.

Academic Library Trends and Statistics 2012

ACRL is now selling a three-volume set of Academic Library Trends and Statistics for 2012. A few sample stats are below!

2012 Academic Library Trends and Statistics

In 2012:

  • 7.3%: Increase in spending on collection materials from 2011
  • 64.8%: Percentage of collection materials budget spent on ongoing resources (incl. subscriptions)
  • 3.7%: Increase in library expenditures for salaries and wages from 2011
  • 76% of all academic libraries reported using social media
  • Top 3 social media platforms: Facebook, blogs, and Twitter

The top three reasons for using social media:

  • promotion of library services
  • marketing of events
  • community building.

Why do the other 24% NOT use social media? Some answers can be found in ACRL Instruction Section’s Tips & Trends September issue. It can be difficult for library staff to keep up with the technology, or they may feel uncomfortable interacting with students over social media.

Have you found any of these trends applicable to your library?

AzLA Conference Update: Last chance for early bird registration

Register now for the 2013 AzLA Annual Conference! It’s happening November 13 – 15 at the Radisson Fort McDowell.

Conference registration AND hotel rates are going up after October 11th!

Check out the schedule of programs.

Get directions to Radisson Fort McDowell. It’s a short drive from Phoenix.

This year’s keynote speaker is Jamie LaRue, director of Douglas County Libraries headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Hope to see you there!

The Underground New York Public Library*

*Not affiliated with the actual New York Public Library.

I didn’t have a post ready for this week after the loooong, fabulous weekend (hope your weekend was long and fabulous as well), so here’s a blog you should look at. It’s all pictures. You’ll like it.

“The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways.”



Monday Fun Day: Silly Library Links

Mondays are rough – so here’s a collection of links to help you ease into the start of your work week!

BuzzFeed has a collection of passive-aggressive library signs

Hear some of the funny things overheard at the local library, thanks to LibraryThing

Behold an awesome collection of library-related (silly) images over at Pinterest. (If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re missing out. Or maybe you’re benefiting from not spending so much time on the computer…)

Show your library pride after picking up a few library-related doodads from Cafe Press

Huffington Post supposedly has 9 of the most hilarious library videos EVER

The Outreach Librarian Blog has a compiled list of the funniest reference questions

Mr. Library Dude has a collection of awesome, customized lego library worker figures

Finally, bad library jokes.

A man goes into a library and asks for a book on cliffhangers.
The librarian says;