Change your perspective: Make happiness a habit!

It’s easy to be unhappy! There’s so much that can get you down. And sometimes unhappiness is like a virus that’s spread through complaints.

Happiness, on the other hand, can be a choice that you make. Through a happy convergence of the blogs I read, I hereby offer you a brief overview of what makes your attitude swing one way or the other.

The becoming minimalist blog lists 9 Places Unhappy People Look for Happiness. Are YOU looking any of these places? (Spoiler: these 9 places won’t make you happier!)

In contrast, The Everyday Minimalist breaks down the key factors of happiness for you, based on a blog post from The Art of Manliness. You might be surprised to learn that happiness does not increase beyond a salary of $75k! (I know, I know, you work in a library and don’t have the problem of knowing that firsthand!)

You may also be surprised to learn the impact that your trips to and from work have on your personal happiness. You’d have to make 40% more at your job to make up for a long commute!

Of course, it should NOT surprise you that job satisfaction plays into your life satisfaction. After all, you spend half your waking hours at work or going to/coming from!

Check those posts out. Since you work in a library, you probably appreciate good research, so here’s an entry from UC Berkeley about the effects of keeping a gratitude journal on your happiness. It’s based on the work of psychologists.

The basic practice is straightforward. In many of the studies, people are simply instructed to record five things they experienced in the past week for which they’re grateful. The entries are supposed to be brief—just a single sentence—and they range from the mundane (“waking up this morning”) to the sublime (“the generosity of friends”) to the timeless (“the Rolling Stones”).

But don’t just go through the motions! You’ve got to OWN what you’re writing down. See further tips about how to get the most out of journaling over at Greater Good.

How do YOU find happiness and meaning in your life?